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Ersatzfilter / Ersatzluftfilter

K&N 33-2001 Luftfilter

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Product Overview

  • Entwickelt, um PS und Beschleunigung zu erhöhen
  • Kann gereinigt und wiederverwendet werden
  • Hoher Luftdurchsatz mit außergewöhnlicher Filtration
  • Hält bis zu 50.000 Meilen (80.467 km), bevor Reinigung nötig wird, je nach Fahrbedingungen
  • Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics
  • Emissions legal in all 50 US states
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty
  • Million Meilen beschränkte Garantie

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K&N Ersatzluftfilter wurden entwickelt, um PS und Beschleunigung zu verbessern, und gleichzeitig ausgezeichnete Filtration zu bieten. Wir stellen über 1200 verschiedene Ersatzluftfilter für die meisten Fahrzeuge her. Diese Filter sind waschbar und wiederverwendbar und sind auf die jeweiligen eingebauten Luftfilterkästen der Fahrzeuge zugeschnitten. Das spezielle Design ermöglicht es, den Luftfilter einfach einzusetzen. Bei den meisten Fahrzeugen entfernen Sie einfach den Originalfilter und ersetzen ihn mit einem K&N Luftfilter. Sehen Sie die jeweiligen Anleitungen für Details. Unsere Ersatzfilter für Straßenfahrzeuge sind durch unsere berühmte K&N Million Meilen beschränke Garantie geschützt und halten die Lebensdauer Ihres Fahrzeugs.

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Form des LuftfiltersPlatte
Höhe1.563 in (40 mm)
Länge außen13.125 in (333 mm)
Breite außen5 in (127 mm)
Packungsinhalt1 Luftfilter
Anzahl pro Packung1
Warranty1,000,000 Miles/10 Year
ProduktstilFlacher Luftfilter
Art des oberen RandsÖffnen
Gewicht1.1 lb (0.5 kg)
Benötigte Menge zur Nachölung1.25 oz (37 ml)
Höhe des Produktkartons1.75 in (44 mm)
Länge des Produktkartons13.56 in (345 mm)
Breite des Produktkartons7.72 in (196 mm)
Innerer DrahtNein
WARNING: Cancer and reproductive

K&N 33-2001 Luftfilter Produktbewertung

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017 - Part 33-2001
Thank you. It took just three days to get to Japan.

Akihiko Noguti
Sapporo, Japan
Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016 - Part 33-2001
I have had years of problems with my Fiat 124 running too rich. I had the carb rebuilt twice, but it still was too rich. I was told I had to have the carb re-jetted. I bought a K&N air filter and the first thing I noticed was that the engine idle was 200 rpm higher. Then I took it for a drive and wow! The Fiat had the same power as when I bought it over thirty years ago. I still can’t get over how great the car runs now. My service shop said that the air filter in my wife’s Camry was old and needed to be replaced. I took it out to check it and yes, it did look like it needed to be replaced. So, of course I bought a K&N for the Camry. I didn’t notice any more power, but I did notice that our standard 70 mile loop for major monthly shopping was taking a bit less gas. Lately I have been in the process of restoring a 1973 Datsun. I had the carb rebuilt and the car ran briefly. I sent the carb back and thank goodness the guys gave me a much reduced price to rebuild it again. They told me the carb was coated inside with a lot of residue. So before installing the re-re- built carb, I took out the gas tank and I was completely stunned as to how much goo there was in the tank. I had the tank boiled out. Then I had some of the fuel line replaced and had the remainder flushed out. I replaced the fuel filter and replaced the fuel pump with a replica of the original pump. I put on the carb and the engine started great. But the engine would not idle (yes I did have the idle solenoid connected). Then I realized that the car did idle when the air filter was not on. I did several tests to confirm this. I then ordered a K&N for the Datsun. Low and behold the car ran and idled perfectly. Now some say that K&N are too expensive, but if you look at the lifespan of the filters, it can be seen that in the long run, K&N filters are economical. There is another plus to K&N, just think of what goes through the mind of a prospective car buyer when he or she sees a K&N sticker on your air cleaner. Probably something like, "Hmmm, the owner wanted to take the best care of the car."

Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2015 - Part 33-2001
Excellent filter!! No doubt it improved my 1998 VW Bug!! You guys at K&N should add this filter to all the Mexican VW Sedan (old beetle) years up to 2003 on your databases since this filter fits perfectly on the stock air filter holder.

Eduardo Novoa