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K&N Ölfilter für AM General

AM General Ölfilter

AM General was born in 1971 as a subsidiary of American Motors Corporation (AMC). AM General began with the production of military trucks, as well as, contract and non-commercial vehicles. AM General is now manufacturing buses, large trucks, and Jeeps for industrial, military, and government use. In the late 1970's, AM General produced their HMMWV (Humvee) which would later become available to civilians under the Hummer brand name. K&N’s premium replacement oil filters for AM General brand vehicles offer high flow rates while providing excellent filtration and protection for you engine. K&N heavy-duty AM General oil filters are built to last and designed with an exposed nut on the top of the canister for easy removal with a wrench. K&N oil filters for AM General work great with modern synthetic motor oils.
K&N Ölfilter für AM General

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