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Yamaha 3D8144510000 luftfilter weist auf K&N * PRODUCT_TYPE * Teile unten hin. K&N bietet ein * PRODUCT_TYPE * zu Ihrem bestehenden Yamaha luftfilter und gibt Ihnen eine Alternative.
K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Tom Migliore, Warner Robins, Georgia
I received the air filter quickly and it fit my 2013 Yamaha 950 properly. I noticed an improvement in performance the first time I took the bike out. Acceleration is better by approximately 10%. The bike sounds better and runs better. I believe it was worth the money and was a good decision. Fuel economy has suffered a couple miles per gallon but I believe the improved performance more than offsets this issue. I would and will purchase another when the time comes.
Salama Vesa, Jokioinen, Finland
Hello. Air filter fits to it's place perfect and was easy to install. I changed my motorcycle, it's running better. I'm very satisfied to it and can recommended everyone to install K&N air filter to their engine. Early experience other K&N air filters I know that they will to what they are made for. Vesa
Kevin Johnson, Midland, Texas
K&N website was very user friendly for effective service to order a K&N for my motorcycle. With tracking service and knowing when my filter was going to arrive on my doorstep, it was fast and easy. My K&N YA-1307 fit perfectly into the air filter canister assembly area. It took 1 minute to replace. Use the K&N oil spray on out of the can, it is quick and easy compared to that little plastic oil packet that K&N put with the filter in the box. Don't forget to put on rubber gloves because you can use your fingers to oil the outside of the K&N filter.
YA-1307 K&N YA-1307 Ersatzluftfilter
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