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WIX WP10084 innenraumluftfilter weist auf K&N * PRODUCT_TYPE * Teile unten hin. K&N bietet ein * PRODUCT_TYPE * zu Ihrem bestehenden WIX innenraumluftfilter und gibt Ihnen eine Alternative.
K&N Innenraumluftfilter
  • Elektrostatisch aufgeladen, um Schmutz und Staub festzuhalten
  • Einfach zu reinigen und wiederzuverwenden
Jason Donofrio, Airdrie, Canada
This is a great product it filters really good and allows more air flow.
Bill Broda, Greenville, Wisconsin
Nice filter. After I installed it, the noise level of the fan was reduced.
Mike, Pennsylvania
Love the product. Definitely could tell the difference in freshness from my stock one that has been in there since I got the car. It's now at 50,000 miles and once installed, MAN! Fresh air smell and clear breathing. I love it.
VF2050 K&N VF2050 Innenraumluftfilter
Listenpreis: $66.99
Ihr Preis: $42.99