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K&N Innenraumluftfilter
  • Elektrostatisch aufgeladen, um Schmutz und Staub festzuhalten
  • Einfach zu reinigen und wiederzuverwenden
Tony, LasVegas, Nevada
I've been waiting a long time for this cabin air filter to come into production for my 2012 dodge challenger. And it's worth the wait. Right away I noticed a big difference. In the desert there's a lot of dust blowing around. I turn on my ac and cool clean fresh air comes out and my car has that new car smell again. Thank you K&N.
George Merry, Danvers, Massachusetts
What can I say? It's a K&N Filter. Have the K&N air filter also in my 2014 Chrysler 300 AWD 3.6L V6.
Keith McCloskey, Honolulu, Hawaii
Quick and easy to use.
VF2027 K&N VF2027 Innenraumluftfilter
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Ihr Preis: $41.99