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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Charles Greenzweig, Corona, California
Replacement is straightforward. Removal of fuel cell provided access to air fuel box. KNfilter first perfectly and is sealed in place. Bike is reassembled for main free 60k miles. Instant increase in bottom end and horsepower. Sound and performance are instant gains. I love this product
Dennis, Southern California
Gotta be the best filters out there. Used to own a Honda ST1300 and ran that with K&N air and oil filters. I now have a Triumph Trophy that needed the OEM air filter replaced. After the K&N I noticed an increase in horsepower PLUS the K&N reusable air filter was cheaper than an OEM throw away. Even at twice the price the K&N would still be the best value overall.
TB-1213 K&N TB-1213 Ersatzluftfilter
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