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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Robert C. Whitney, Lexington, South Carolina
Excellent service, excellent price, excellent product and excellent delivery.
Charles Anthony, Lisbon, Maine
Readers; This author has used K&N filters for years, on different machines. Of recent moment, I bought a 2nd hand 2012 GMC truck. It ran well on the stock filter for some time. This Fall I noted a sharp decrease in overall performance of the truck. OK, time to pop the hood and have a look. A quick check of the engine box showed nothing amiss. Next stop the air filter. The air filter cover was filled with Warnings/ Danger. High Pressure signs What rubbish is this? A long search and phone calls and I found these labels are meant to inform about the air conditioner. And if you believe that i have a Bridge to Sell You The cynic in me says they are meant to STOP a shade tree mechanic. So, off came the air box cover, that even a PITA. The paper filter looked OK, so I pulled it out with the intent to blow compressed air thru it, to clean it. Not to happen. The rodents had gotten into the air intake, and the air box, and filled it with fiberglass shreds, and most of the bottom of the stock paper filter. I had bought the K&N filter earlier, and had it to hand, intending to change it at a later date. That not to be as well. OUT went the stock air filter, IN comes the Shop Vac, ON goes the switch, and SUCK goes all the rodent left overs into the bin. Then its wash the plastics, and Install the K&N filter. NOW the truck runs much better, the RPMS have dropped a bit, and performance is quite good. My first use of K&N filters goes back about 11 years when I put one in my 1998 Honda Helix. It still in there, I have cleaned it once, I think. As always, a very good product from K&N, It brings to mind the old air filters of my youth, a huge metal, circular 'dish', filled with motor oil. My Dad always used gear oil. SO, if you want a good air filter, and a price to be paid for a good, long service item, that will cost you LESS in the full life of your 04 wheels(or 02 wheels)this is the ONE to Buy. Be sure to put the decals where your shop can see them, when you bring the 04 wheels, or 02 wheels, in for service. Too many shops will throw it out just to sell you a new one. Be sure the service desk jockey KNOWS what you have added, and CHECK to be sure it is in there after i had one shop, years ago, that threw out the K&N Filter and put a junk one in its places as a 'service courtesy' This is a great filter for the money spent -BUY ONE -
Hugo Sousa, São João Das Lampas, Portugal
Ao contrário de tempos antigos , agora o filtro vem com o recorte perfeito. Encaixa na perfeição. O resto já se sabe... desempenho, sim e reutilização, é perfeito.
SU-4007 K&N SU-4007 Ersatzluftfilter
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