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Ronald Chapman, Maryland
Finally a filter for my Suzuki Boulevard C50 Limited. Instructions were spot on, except (as indicated in other reviews) make sure you remove the snorkel from the OEM filter. The instructions don't mention this but you need to in order to complete the seal. Great job KN and thanks for making this one!
Greg M, Clarksville, Tennessee
Installed this filter on my Boulevard C50T and felt the difference immediately. You do have to use the OEM components and snorkel from your original, but it didn't take long to figure it out. Thanks K&N.
Darren Amberson, Cochrane, Canada
After all I have read, and input from several motorcycle mechanics, I purchased this filter. It has been doing a great job and I noticed slight increase in power as well. Have not had the chance to clean and reuse it yet but expect it to work great.
SU-8009 K&N SU-8009 Ersatzluftfilter
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