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K&N Leistungsstarke Luftansaugsysteme
  • Polyethylenrohr mit hoher Dichte
  • Erhöht garantiert PS
Ernest, Houston, TX
Notice a difference in throttle response right away and pull all the way to red line. This really did help with the dead pedal and lag that you get with from the turbo. The best intake price on the market from a company that knows how to get great results out of their systems. The only issue I had was the two clamps that fit on the housing where the intake is mounted didn't fit. What I did was use the ones from the stock intake and they worked fine.
Curtis Shear, Burlington, Washington
Quick delivery and the install was very easy. Love having it on my truck.
Mike Wood, Vicksburg, Mississippi
Install was pretty straight forward, took about an hour to complete. Looks good and fits perfectly. Driving noise is not much different than the oem intake, however, you definitely hear the turbo more...which is cool, I can't see any immediate change in horsepower, but it did immediately remedy the throttle lag. Great addition to the truck
63-6017 K&N 63-6017 Leistungsstarke Luftansaugsysteme
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