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K&N Innenraumluftfilter
  • Elektrostatisch aufgeladen, um Schmutz und Staub festzuhalten
  • Einfach zu reinigen und wiederzuverwenden
David Brown, Sarasota, Florida
Install went better once I cleaned the filter channel that it slides into, and I added some silicon lubricant to the outside and edges of the filer itself and then it was simple enough to slide up into air box. I seem to get a stronger fan flow and it sounds like the fan is not running as hard as with OEM filter.
Sandro Noel, Montreal, Canada
it's a good product it works and fits well.
Jeff Main, Nanaimo, Canada
Happy with purchase. K&N quality product.
VF5000 K&N VF5000 Innenraumluftfilter
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