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K&N Ölfilter; Knüppel
  • Gefrästes Aluminiumgehäuse
  • Waschbar und wiederverwendbar
Vuong Mai, Mississauga, Canada
SS-171 is a very well, engineering designed device, that certainly improve engine performance on Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Les, Washington
VERY NICE finish and overall quality. There are other pretenders out there with CRAP they want to sell at a discount BUT this unit is the REAL DEAL. Like anything else, you get what you PAY for. Bike runs COOLER with this Hi Flow Filter. Have been a K&N fan for a VERY LONG time.
Robert Backensto, Georgia
This filter did what it was made to do. Easy install. I'm glad I made the investment. It dropped the bikes temperature by 25 degrees.
SS-171 K&N SS-171 Ölfilter; Knüppel
Ihr Preis: $219.95