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Motorcraft 81SF9601CB luftfilter weist auf K&N * PRODUCT_TYPE * Teile unten hin. K&N bietet ein * PRODUCT_TYPE * zu Ihrem bestehenden Motorcraft luftfilter und gibt Ihnen eine Alternative.
K&N Ersatzluftfilter
  • Entwickelt, um Leistung zu erhöhen
  • Million Meilen beschränkte Garantie
Simon Panter, East Mids., United Kingdom
Easy to order, swift delivery. Great item. Thank you
Tony, Clevedon North Somerset, United Kingdom
No doubt about it, these are great filters and using the cleaning kit it will last the lifetime of your vehicle but.............they are expensive, too expensive to my mind and the claimed bhp improvement is dubious also. It is a great brand name though, but the price?
Simon Panter, East Mids, United Kingdom
Easy to order online, swift delivery. Great product.
E-9090 K&N E-9090 Ersatzluftfilter
Ihr Preis: $80.79