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Michal Dorywalski, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Happy with the product.
Mark, United Kingdom
Never needs replacing and does feel like I have more responsive power especially while overtaking.
Peter Tyburski, Manchester, United Kingdom
I ordered this filter on Wednesday morning 22-01-2014 and it arrived at 11.am Thursday 23-01-2014. Fantastic service. Half an hour later it was installed, I then went for a drive through the town and saw an immediate 50 percent improvement> Then drove out of town on 40 mph roads. The performance increased by another 35 percent approx. I am now getting an average 32 mpg around town. My car is a 2005 Ford Focus C-max 1.6 petrol which was giving poor mpg. Your filter is excellent Thank you.
33-2877 K&N 33-2877 Ersatzluftfilter
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