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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Mark Smith, Herne Bay, United Kingdom
I’m very happy with this K&N filter, fuel economy has gone up. And it looks good in my Mini Cooper SD, cool bit of kit.
Paul, Torpoint, United Kingdom
Having used K&N filters for previous cars I have owned, I feel that once again they have improved on the quality and workmanship of the filter for all make and models. My mini cooper D 112bhp sounds a lot smoother, starts easier on the cold mornings and the turbo lag I had, has almost disappeared due to more air flow. Thanks again guys and I would recommend this filter over and over.
John Barwell, Thorne, Doncaster, United Kingdom
It was hard to find a K&N for my 2014 Mini Clubman 2.0SD auto, I had looked at many places, but only the customer services at K&N put my mind at ease, and said if it didn't fit they would take it back. It did look totally different from the Mann filter that was standard with the car, and it does not cover the intake bottom hole like the Mann filter, but there is a big difference in performance. After the initial thrill of booting the car, I drove it normally and got a bump up in mpg by just under 5mpg, Well done and thanks.
E-2985 K&N E-2985 Ersatzluftfilter
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