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K&N Ölfilter
  • 17mm Schraubenmutter
  • Strapazierfähige Konstruktion
Richard Sargent II, Grand Ledge, Michigan
Excellent oil filters for my bike, and I also have the K&N air filter on it too.
Peter Wright, Bristol, United Kingdom
Easy to order, good quality product delivered promptly - what more can one want ?
Alex Smith, Glasgow, United Kingdom
I don’t know if it’s possible to actually notice the difference between oil filters when riding a motorcycle but like all components there will definitely be a difference in quality. K&N are well known for their quality products so I had no reservations about buying this oil filter. It looks like a good quality filter and appears to do its job. I bought one for my service this year and have recently bought another for next year. It is also very well priced with free delivery straight from the manufacturer. I only use the best of components and oils for my motorcycle to ensure that it runs perfectly and never lets me down.
KN-204-1 K&N KN-204-1 Ölfilter
Ihr Preis: $15.99
K&N Ölfilter
  • 17mm Schraubenmutter
  • Strapazierfähige Konstruktion
Larry Fisher, Corpus Christi, Texas
What can I say, it is a K&N oil filter. I have been using K&N filters on my various motorcycles for years, and would not use anything else. I have started using the oil filters on my truck after the hex nut end was added - very convenient and needed.
Vic Goodman, Oregon
The KN-204 is an excellent oil filter at a very competitive price. I use these filters on a 2007 Honda ST 1300. In particular, I like the filter design and how easy it is to install and remove during oil changes. Engine performance was not affected by switching from the OEM filter to the KN-204. On a final note, K&N customer service is excellent.
Andy, New York
I love my oil filter... It's like day and night with my bike, I'm very satisfied.
KN-204 K&N KN-204 Ölfilter
Ihr Preis: $15.99
K&N Ölfilter
  • 17mm Schraubenmutter
  • Strapazierfähig, verchromter Kanister
Brannon, Florida
Excellent quality product. Running this with synthetic oil and my bike is loving it. Currently have 4k on this filter and will change oil and filter at around 5k.
John Andhor, Olean, New York
I'm always happy with the look (chrome) & performance of K&N filters and have purchased them at auto parts stores for many years. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the packaging of my order which came straight from K&N. The oil filter was dented (bad) in two places. There were NO packing peanuts or cushioning at all in the shipping box which was four times the size of the filter in its own box. Customer service was great. After telling them what the filter looked like after receiving it and how it was packaged, they had another one shipped right out.
Thomas MacPhail, Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
Loved being able to use my rachet wrench to tighten/loose. Time will tell how good a filter it is for it’s life, but assume it works as good as it installs and looks on the bike. I will buy another when it comes time.
KN-204C K&N KN-204C Ölfilter
Ihr Preis: $19.39