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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Thomas Joiner, Toney, Alabama
It was out of stock when I ordered. I am glad that I waited. MORE POWER!
John Anderson, Norwich, Connecticut
Excellent quality and it's reusable. What more can you ask for? My engine can breathe again. Thank you
Jason Bomgardner, Denver, Colorado
I am driving a 2004 Vulcan 2K. I already have (Brand Name) pipes on it, and was hoping on opening up the power a little bit. This filter really helps the pipes breathe like they were intended to. I can feel the difference in the seat of my pants when I screw on the throttle. I am also anticipating fuel mileage to go up as well. Great product, easy to install. Will buy K&N filters forever.
KA-2008 K&N KA-2008 Ersatzluftfilter
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