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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Coiln, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Arrived very swiftly, next day and was easy to fit and seems to have improved overall throttle response... Would recommend to biking friends...It is a pity that K&N do not include in the price enough oil, cleaner to do first service.
Andy Bird, Balmoral, Australia
Great product. Fits perfectly. Motorcycle runs better. Excellent service. Cheaper and easier to order from direct from states than from local distributor. Incredible One negative: I wrote to USA for technical support but no response. Wrote to K&N Europe and they helped. Will get K&N again for sure.
Cyril , Jura, France
Pour un CB 1300 S 2009. A amélioré très nettement la rondeur, la fluidité, la souplesse du moteur. Gain de couple aussi et souplesse en haut régime. Je recommande très largement. Livraison en 3-4 jours bien passé.
HA-1301 K&N HA-1301 Ersatzluftfilter
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