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Andy Billhymer , Indianapolis, Indiana
I could tell from the first crack of the throttle I was going to at the very least have better throttle response with this filter installed. I have put 1200 miles on my bike since installing it and I have noticed an increase in fuel mileage in the range of 2-5 mpg. Now, my 2013 Camaro RS, my wife's 2015 Honda Accord Sport and my 2014 FLHTK all run a K&N. Better fuel mileage and performance on all 3. Ditch the stock filter. It's worth it.
Ernest, Wake Forest, North Carolina
I have used K&N filters in every vehicle I own. When I got my Harley last year I immediately put K&N oil and air filters on it on the first service. I trust their products. I was happy to see this air filter was made in America. Now if we could just get them to make the oil filters here too. Why take a chance with those other filters? Buy K&N.
Sam Vennero , Orlando Florida
It works great.
HD-1614 K&N HD-1614 Ersatzluftfilter
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