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K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Randall Cosner, Payette, Idaho
As always, great product. I highly recommend K&N Filters.
Michael Claxton, Scappoose, Oregon
Great air cleaner, I run K&N air filters on all my vehicles. Never a problem, with noticeable performance right after installation. Easy to clean and maintain. Thanks for a product that works at a price that pays for itself considering the cost of replacement filters. I dislike throwing away anything.
Alex Stanton, Kidderminster, United Kingdom
I didn't realise how much money and performance was being lost with my old air filter. After fitting the new K&N washable, it was like a new bike all over again. Brilliant.
HD-1390 K&N HD-1390 Ersatzluftfilter
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Ihr Preis: $75.99