K&N Teile passend zu Harley-Davidson 2905589 luftfilter

Harley-Davidson 2905589 luftfilter weist auf K&N * PRODUCT_TYPE * Teile unten hin. K&N bietet ein * PRODUCT_TYPE * zu Ihrem bestehenden Harley-Davidson luftfilter und gibt Ihnen eine Alternative.
K&N Ersatzluftfilter
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Ian Marshall, Bicester, United Kingdom
Great service and product, will be back again. Thanks!
Miklos Kiraly, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
A perfect fit replacement unit that gives great performance to the Harley. I could not ask for a better product. Every vehicle except one due to usage has been changed over to K&N.
Joseph Simone, Fresno, California
I got this to replace the old K&N filter on my HD FXR. The old filter was fine but the metal mounting plate was beginning to crack. The new filter fits the old Screaming Eagle mount perfectly.
HD-0600 K&N HD-0600 Ersatzluftfilter
Listenpreis: $80.49
Ihr Preis: $59.99