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K&N Ölfilter
  • 1 Zoll Schraubenmutter für einfache Entnahme
  • Strapazierfähige Konstruktion
Ernest Clark, Washington, DC
The best oil filter out here!
Sheldon Pennes, Los Angeles, California
Good service.
Walker Johnson, El Paso, Texas
Exactly what I ordered.
HP-3002 K&N HP-3002 Ölfilter
Listenpreis: $19.79
Ihr Preis: $16.99
K&N Ölfilter
  • K&N Performance Silber Serie
  • Für synthetisches und Mineralöl
Taylor Sullivan, La Junta, Colorado
Correct part for the vehicle with quick shipping.
Geoffrey Ethelston , Ludlow, United Kingdom
Quick delivery, packaged good and correct.
Mark, Tayside, United Kingdom
Filter arrived in good time and well packaged. I've fitted the filter and it seems to very well. What would have been good is if the store sold filter cup wrenches to fit these filters, would make life so much easier than having to try and find one at a local motor factor.
PS-3002 K&N PS-3002 Ölfilter
Listenpreis: $9.79
Ihr Preis: $8.99
K&N Ölfilter; Knüppel
  • Gefrästes Aluminiumgehäuse
  • Waschbar und wiederverwendbar
Owen Roe, Louisville, Kentucky
I have used a different brand of reusable oil filters on a different vehicle. It worked well, fit is good. Then I got the K&N for my primary high mileage travel vehicle. The quality of the K&N is above the other. The fit and finish, the placement and quantity of magnets and the overall design was better with the K&N. K&N also uses viton o-rings. I will be replacing the other brand with a K&N when I get the chance.
SS-3002 K&N SS-3002 Ölfilter; Knüppel
Ihr Preis: $269.95